Jul 29 2011

Vote for your favorite {mustache}

If you haven’t noticed, I love curly brackets. Their whimsy, visual presence, and my inner coding nerd  make me prefer them in place of  boring old parentheses in my asides
{I know, I know, Punctuation Police, this is not the proper usage. But I don’t care- they’re oh so pretty}.

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So you can imagine my delight when I ran across the celebration of the { in this witty “Field Guide to Typestaches”, expertly designed by San-Francisco based art director Tor Weeks. He artfully describes the project as “A nerdy little love story about typography and mustaches.”

Although I have Mr. Helvetica peppered throughout my website, I have changed allegiances and fallen in love with Mr. Filosofia through this poster. Expect to see him in my bag of tricks soon.

Weigh in and share: What’s your favorite ‘stache?