Aug 01 2011

Stephanie Goldfinger Models for Brakhax2Brakhax2 transforms me into Mama Web

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Life lesson: When an über talented world-renowned photographer shoves a pacifier in your mouth, you roll with it.

Today, the wildly amazing team of Moshe & Eddie Brakha {Brakhax2} went Goldfinger for their Sketchy Mondays series, featuring a duo of fascinating and fabulous photos of yours truly:

#1: My favorite, an extreme closeup of my head covered in silver block letters {remember my love of typography?}


#2: A wide shot, with me looking like the incredible hulk wrapped in computer cables and sucking on a binkie.


“But Stephanie,” you beg, “I don’t get it! Tell me- what does it all mean?

Hate to disappoint, people, but my lips are sealed {or they forgot to untie the power cords so I’m finding it difficult to type}. I will leave the interpretation up to you, since I would never dare pretend that I know what is going on inside their {commercial} heads.

Let me know what you think they’re all about. And remember, flattery will get you everywhere.


P.S. Extra thanks to the people behind the scenes- Buddy, Levi, Shaun, and Karl. xo