Jan 05 2012

Brakhax2 Presents the New Economy

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My favorite creative genius team, Brakhax2, will be unveiling their stunning photographic series “New Economy” this weekend at Gallery 3209 in Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to be a part of this amazing project, and thus, the photographs of yours truly will appear on the gallery walls. If you are in LA, please join us Saturday night from 6-9PM for this special event {or venture out any time until February 11 to take a gander}.

Gallery 3209 proudly presents the first ever gallery exhibition of the compelling collaboration between legendary photographer Moshe Brakha and his son, emerging artist Eddie Brakha, with their series New Economy.

New Economy is a collision of raw emotional energy from the original punk patriarch and his academic punk son who constructs a conceptual and narrative framework within his fatherʼs visual process. The two perspectives strike a brashbalance, refining one anotherʼs attitudes in their combination.

After three years confined in a lab creating their first series, Silent Pictures, Moshe and Eddie – aka BrakhaX2 – craved human interaction. Silent Pictures explored tools and artifacts representing humans and emotions; New Economy integrates humans into this context in a Constructivist quest to explore the young artistʼs emotional connection to his or her form of expression. Moshe and Eddie ask:

How do you think?

Following the Beuysian proposition that every human is an artist, they approached boxers, musicians, and directors as well as curators and professional artists to participate in New Economy. Moshe and Eddie interviewed each subject a week before their shoot in order to concoct a conceptual conceit through which to present each individualʼs unique connection to their art form the filter through which they experience the world and by which the world experiences them. For 52 weeks – thus 52 subjects – Moshe and Eddie adhered to this strict regimen of interview and photograph, producing two images for each artist. In one close up and one wide, Moshe and Eddie memorialize the essence that their interview reveals.

Moshe and Eddieʼs ever-ingenious technique renders each photograph a painterly expression of super saturated colors, employing slick lighting and highly designed mise en scene to investigate what makes a human tick. Such acute stylization confronted by the intimacy spawned in the interview reveals a strikingly surreal vision of reality, heightening the viewerʼs awareness of each subjectʼs aura. This is the currency of the New Economy – internationally famed or entirely unknown, each subject in this series is endowed with his or her own supernatural power. However grandiose or nuanced, it is the creative spirit that gives value to humanity and all that We produce. New Economy is on view at GALLERY3209 from January 7th- Febuary 11th 2012.

Curated by: Denni Zelikowsky