When I was in first grade, my best friend’s father brought M.C. Escher into our lives. Through never-ending staircases, hands that drew themselves, and blocks metamorphosing into fish,he showed us how to see the beauty in the negative space, to appreciate symmetry and the balance of light and shadow, and the value of shifting our perspective slightly to try and make sense of the seemingly impossible. I have never forgotten this small moment, and truly believe it shaped much of the way I look at the world, people, art, and the most relevant here and now: bringing a website to life.

I approach every website as a puzzle that is begging to be solved, constantly shifting my perspective to align the many pieces it takes to create a successful web presence.  My background in psychology helps me think like a user, my experience in management helps me balance all the people it takes to make a website succeed, my roots in the Los Angeles fashion industry give me a modern and chic aesthetic, my general nerdiness helps me sit for hours and slave over every tiny piece of code, my lack of formal art school training allows me not to be tied down by any conventions, and my lesson from Escher all those years ago helps me see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit in a way that many others wouldn’t.

Overall, in web design, I think simpler is better:  no clutter, no crazy tricks {ok, maybe a few infinite staircases here and there}, and absolutely positively under no circumstances the use of Comic Sans. I shoot for clean design, straightforward content, and a top-notch user experience. I love to add little touches of whimsy and pop with typography {oh my, how I LOVE typography}, texture, and color.

For nearly 10 years I have been recognized for creating innovative and beautiful websites that deliver a meaningful experience for the end user and meaningful results for my clients. From big to small, from dance studios to law firms to high-tech start-ups, I am dedicated to giving the highest level of personal attention to each of my clients. It is with great enthusiasm and energy that I take on every project that comes my way.


We are a full-service web design and development company. I believe that turning to multiple unconnected vendors {a consultant for planning a site’s structure and vision, a web designer for the layouts, a copywriter for content, a programmer for development, a marketing professional for online campaigns, etc.} can not only be a terrible headache for most people trying to build a web presence, but also often results in a disjointed end-product. By offering all the services needed in one place, managed by one person {me}, projects are delivered in a manner consistent with the original concept. I deliver the majority of services myself by way of consulting, management, planning, design, and front-end programming. To round out the remaining spectrum of my clients’ web needs, I turn to and manage my sublimely talented network of contractors who help to carry out my vision.


I feel like someone waved a magic wand and delivered me Stephanie!  She has all the qualities of a great website designer—creative, smart, patient and responsive.  I love the work she’s done for me, and highly recommend her to others.

-Pamela Mitchell, The Reinvention Institute


Goldfinger Consulting did an incredible job working with my team and I on our site. The work was terrific and it helped us sell out or condominiums in a difficult market.

-Joseph Miller, The Runyon Group & Culver Centrale


Stephanie has a natural eye for design. More importantly, she is able to think like a user and apply this in her designs to achieve more effective UI. Her high level experience with project management and conceptualization make her the complete package designer that is so often difficult to find. Furthermore, her knowledge of HTML and CSS help create an easier transition from design to development. She is a great addition to any team and her additional skills outside of design help create a faster and more enjoyable design process.

-Elizabeth Holloway, Red Verve Media


Stephanie Goldfinger has an amazing work ethic and was a pleasure to work with. She is dynamic and great at what she does.

-Lisa Kline, Lisa Kline Inc.


Working with Goldfinger Consulting you get more than a web designer. Stephanie has style and creativity with an edge that guarantees results both from a technical and aesthetic perspective.

-Jackie Deutsch, Rich Lil Pishers


Stephanie is a rock-star!!! In designing our website, from beginning to end she was constantly in contact during every step of the process (design, style, content, implementation…). I highly recommend her services as she is capable, professional, creative, reliable and easy to work with.

-Jeffrey Stern, Mallery & Stern APC


Stephanie has both a great flair for visual design and expertise in the nuts-and-bolts of website management and programming. She redesigned my entire website, helped me link my blog posts to a patient education email campaign, and made my posts more accessible and sharable through social media. She has the knowledge of a techie but can communicate with and understand the goals of us non-techies. Hire her now before she takes my advice and raises her rates!

-Dr. Albert Fuchs


I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing Stephanie Goldfinger is at creating, managing and building websites. Stephanie and I worked together on two websites and each time she paid close attention to detail and always had wonderful and creative ideas on how to improve the site. She was SO easy to work with and very accessible. She answered all of my questions and concerns with honesty and integrity. I highly recommend Stephanie for web development and design – the end result is perfect!

-Georgette Westerman, Georgette Westerman Interiors